Kinetic Sculptures are human powered works of art custom built for the derby.

They can beep to 35 feet in length, 6 feet wide, 10 feet tall, and powered by as few as 2 team mates up to a maximum of 12.

Each Spring, the Active Streets Alliance will host with partners the southeast's only kinetic sculpture derby highlighting areas of cultural and natural beauty in Florida.  The derby will grow from year to year starting at just 2 miles long - mostly on pavement, but also including possible trips through mud and sand with future years requiring entrants to conquer hills and water features.


To enchant the hearts of Florida residents and the southeast with the magic created through making and riding folly filled vessels of fantasy.   This unique experience will grow to highlight, for visitors and spectators, the state's captivating natural beauty, the charm, and rich character of her cities. Uncovering this striking balance of flora and fauna with culture will showcase why artists and makers thrive in our region.

The exhibition of local talent serves a more majestic purpose as well.  Through the acts of forming teams, the embodying of camaraderie and sportsmanship, and theatric displays of whimsy, these human-powered contraptions will reveal to our youth that growth need not be an end to childhood creativity. Providing an outlet for the next generation of makers, doers, and dreamers to dare to work collaboratively and obtain those skills which they lack and share those that they may have in innate abundance.